Batavia Band Boosters

Purpose and Goals

The purpose of the Batavia Band Boosters is to support the instrumental music program at the Batavia Local School District in Batavia, Ohio. We focus on several main goals, including:

  • Fundraising. Our annual budget is approximately $25,000. We have several fundraisers throughout the year.
  • Organizing. We coordinate many aspects of Marching Band, including uniforms, chaperones, band camp meals and volunteer opportunities.
  • Supporting. Music staff in the schools benefit from fundraising, budgeting, planning and volunteering. We are a 501c3 organization and believe in accurate and responsible use of resources. The Batavia Band Boosters believe that instrumental music is important to the development of all children. We support music programs throughout the school system. We encourage families to consider music programs as a valuable activity for the benefit of their children.
Have you heard of the Mozart Effect? The Mozart Effect is a term that signifies the power of music for health, education and general well-being. More and more studies are being done that prove why music, and playing music specifically, is important to our children's development and future achievement.
For instance, did you know that:
Music students score higher SATS? Yes! An average of 57 points higher on verbal. An average of 41 points higher in math.
Students involved in music generally tested higher than those who had no music involvement? Yes! The test scores studied were not only standardized tests, such as the SAT and ACT also in general reading and other proficiency exams.
For more details visit "Arts Education Facts" or the National Music Education Association.

News and Announcements