Marching Band

Uniform Care

Students are expected to take proper care of their own uniforms during the school year. Once checked out, the uniform is solely the student’s responsibility. They are to be kept in garment bags until needed and returned to garment bags, properly folded and hung on hangers following use. Failure to do so could result in loss of privileges.

Since uniforms will only be worn over street clothes once a week for a few hours, they should only need to be washed 2 or 3 times per marching season. Marching band uniforms may be machine-washed at home (the sash is to be removed before it is put in the washing machine). Please wash your uniform separately from other items which may snag the material. Turn the uniform inside-out and wash it on a cold-cold setting with mild detergent. Do not overwash as the material may slightly shrink or fade. It is strongly recommended that these uniforms are not washed in well-water as minerals from the well may alter the colors of the material.

Each student accepts responsibility for their own uniform. In the case of the uniform being damaged in any way, for any reason, the student will be expected to pay for a replacement uniform. Disciplinary action may be taken if parts of the uniform are mistreated. If any part of the uniform is damaged because of accident or misuse, it must be replaced. The following charges will apply (at manufacturer cost – prices subject to change):

  • Bibbers - $39.95
  • Jacket - $99.00
  • Sash - $52.00
  • Gauntlet - $19.95
  • Hat - $23.95
  • Plume - $15.00
Total: $249.85

Do not let anything happen to your uniform!

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