Batavia High School Solo and Ensemble

Solo and Ensemble

Students may choose to participate in the annual OMEA district 14 solo and ensemble competition. Soloists, along with the band director or private lesson instructor, select an approved piece to perform. Most instruments have a piano accompanist. A recital is usually scheduled for band members and families the week prior to the event. Students are assigned a specific performance time and travel to the location (usually at a high school in Greater Cincinnati) to perform for a private judge. Performance pieces range from class C (for beginners) to class A (most difficult). Students are rated on their performances according to OMEA standards and receive scores ranging from I (the highest) to 4. This rating reflects various technical and artistic aspects of the performance. A rating sheet showing these components and the adjudicator's comments is given to the music teacher at the end of the contest.

The solo/ensemble contest is intended to provide student musicians an opportunity to perform a solo or an ensemble in front of an adjudicator and a limited audience, and to receive constructive comments, both spoken and written, from the adjudicator. The primary benefits to the students are the experience of performing alone or in a small group, and a critique from someone other than their regular music teacher.

A solo is considered to be a piece performed either entirely alone or with a piano accompaniment. An ensemble is a group of from 2 to 16 musicians performing together, with or without a piano accompaniment. The adjudicator (often called a judge) is a professional musician not teaching school in the students' district.

The entry fees for the contests are subject to change, but have recently been around $15 for a solo. The ensemble fee (based on the group's size) is slightly higher, but can be split among the members of the ensemble. A student using a piano accompanist should be prepared to pay the accompanist approximately $25. Piece needs to be selected no later than October 14. Payment and registration is due by December 15

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